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Spring Has Sprung

So we're a quarter of the year in and here at Saz & Sew we've been working hard behind the scenes!

This last month we've been having a little break on our website, though it's not been much of a break as we have been busy getting orders finished and making all the items for our Ready Made Market Night!
You may have noticed that now we've reopened a few changes have been put in place. Our prices have had a slight increase (big thanks to Brexit 🙄), we've added a couple of new products and we have some new designs available!

We have also rebranded with a new logo and colour scheme! The amazingly talented Charlotte from @prints.from.oz and I chatted about which aspects of my current logo I wanted to keep and changes I wanted to make. I love how the leaves and rain dashes in our new logo represent The Lake District and the colours all go together perfectly. We have new branded care cards, care labels and seam tags on the way to us too!
Along with our current designs we have uploaded some new ones for Spring/Summer. These are Into The Wild, Ice Lolly Sprinkles, Pastel Leopard, Under The Sea, April Showers and Pastel Pineapples - the later two are only available in Leggings, Harem Pants, Shorts and Bloomers.

Going forward as things in the world hopefully continue to improve, I am hoping to do a few local physical markets and craft fairs and I have a few more products to add to the website in the next month.
I really appreciate any reviews left on our website, you can do this by selecting the product you purchased and scrolling down. Underneath the product description there is the option to leave a review.
I hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to sewing up more of your orders!
Sarah x

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